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For your fix of Kat fics
2nd-Aug-2010 12:45 pm
[fashion] gorgeousity

... I think I posted this to someone's lj and never posted it here. Whoops. Have a short pornlet? I'm still working on my alpha-fics... D is just taking a ridiculous long time. I keep switching my ideas. Gah.

Title: Cuffed
Fandom: bandom
Pairing: Alex Greenwald/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~750
Summary: Ryan, Alex, handcuffs

Ryan whines and shifts beneath Alex. He wants to move his hands – to make Alex move faster, slower, he doesn’t even know - but they’re cuffed to the bed. He shifts again and is distantly pleased that they bought the soft leather cuffs instead of the metal ones he’d been eyeing.

“No,” Alex had said simply and had picked up the leather ones without another word. Ryan had followed him up to the cash, trusting him as he always did.

He’s glad now though as Alex presses kisses down his arm and onto his chest, circling a nipple lazily with his tongue. Ryan tries to buck up but Alex’s hands are on his thighs, holding him open and holding him down.

“Alex,” Ryan whines but Alex pays him no attention. He shifts and runs his fingers over Ryan’s ribs gently.

“You need to eat more,” he says and Ryan makes a soft sound of annoyance because really? Ryan’s dietary habits are the least of his concerns right now. His cock is throbbing with the need to be touched and Alex just keeps kissing him, leaving sloppy wet spots all over his skin where he slows to bite or lick, everywhere except the place that needs it most.

“You need to cut your fucking hair,” Ryan pants out as Alex’s hair flutters over his skin, not quite tickling, almost erotic in its light feathery touch. He arches into it without even meaning to and Alex’s hands are back on his thighs, probably leaving finger-shaped bruises. Ryan lets out another whine.

“You need my cock,” Alex murmurs and Ryan can’t help the whimpered, “please” that escapes his lips. “You want it?” Alex says softly and lets one of his hands fall to where Ryan is still wet from before, from the first time when Alex came inside him.

“Yes yes yes,” Ryan says over and over again, like a mantra and he can’t even tell anymore if he’s saying the words aloud or if they’re just in his head but Alex seems to understand as he shuffles up to press his cock against Ryan’s entrance.

Ryan lets out a harsh pant which turns into a rough moan as Alex presses forward and oh fuck he feels so full, so good, as Alex pushes in. Ryan pushes back, tries to take it all, tries to get more more more until he’s full and can feel Alex pressed up against him.

Alex lets out a shuddery gasp and pulls back only to thrust again and this time it’s Ryan who gasps, whose panting breath fills the silence as Alex starts to fuck him steadily now. He holds onto the bedframe to try and keep his head from hitting it as Alex fucks him harder still. His cock is still so hard and it’s almost enough when Alex leans forward to press bruising kisses to his mouth. He’s almost there. He’s so close and if Alex would only – he moans as Alex takes him in hand and strokes roughly, just the way he likes it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he’s panting into Alex’s mouth, only a breath away, and he can hear the groans that Alex is making in return, can feel the way Alex is letting go and pounding into him, all rhythm lost. He knows he’s going to come only a split second before he does, before he clenches around Alex and lets go all at once. It crashes over him, as intense as he’s ever felt. He doesn’t even realize he’s blacked out until he feels Alex’s hand on his face.

“Did you –“ Ryan manages, blinking his eyes open.

“With you,” Alex says and Ryan looks up in time to see Alex’s smile. He sighs as Alex pulls out – he never likes that part – and waits as Alex takes his hands out of the cuffs. He makes a low sound of contentment he didn’t know he was capable of as Alex rubs his wrists gently – this part he does like.

“You okay?” Alex asks. He’s watching Ryan quietly and his eyes have gone all serious in a way they rarely are.

Ryan nods. “I’m good. Really good.” He means it and returns the smile Alex gives him easily. And if Ryan shuffles back into Alex as he wraps his body around him, his fingers still resting on Ryan’s wrists, or smiles when Alex presses a kiss behind his ear, he knows Alex won’t tell. After all, Ryan’s got enough on Alex to blackmail him for life.

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