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For your fix of Kat fics
Things that I know about Chemicals Collide that you don't... until now.  
6th-May-2011 12:02 am
[.] arthur - A is for Arthur
Thanks for the great reception for my latest fic, Chemical Collide. When I wrote it, a lot of ideas and things had to actually get cut or reworked in order for the fic to work better or just BE FINISHED. Here are a few things that either got cut or re-worked that I thought I'd share for kicks. Spoilers for the fic if you haven't read it!

1. Originally Eames actually went to the Arcade Fire concert and stood there, listening to Neighbourhood #1 and thought afterward, 'then I'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours'. Writing concerts is difficult however (imo), and it wasn't really necessary to the story so it never got written. 

2. Arthur's mum died of cancer originally and that's part of why he went into his research. It was going to come up over dinner, possibly during the conversation around Arthur's money woes but in the end, I felt like it was closer to actual canon for Arthur to be doing something because it was challenging and cutting edge and that was its own reward. I mean, he didn't do the Fischer job to help Cobb, not really (I think). He did it because it was a challenge, because it had never been done. So in the end, that was Arthur's motivation for doing cutting-edge cancer research too. 
3. Arthur never returned Eames' shirt. This may come out in a porny sequel but just in case, there it is. He never even intended to return Eames' shirt, not really, and Eames never really asked again so Arthur still has it. 
4. Halo nights with Yusuf were originally Call of Duty nights but then I realized that CoD is not actually a two-player game. Or, well, it is but you have to have two systems or something so I had to change it to Halo. I didn't want some CoD player to hate me forever. Or something. I like to play Little Big Planet. :D? 
5. The POVs were originally going to be switched back and forth. When I came up with the idea to write it as a lab report though, it seemed better to stick to Eames' POV. This, however, was written before. It is the coffee scene from Arthur's POV:
Arthur looked up from his notes when the door to the lab opened. It was Eames, who wasn't even supposed to be in the lab today, but that wasn't the most pressing problem. The problem was what he had in his hand, which he set down on Arthur's lab bench.

"What's that?" Arthur asked, glaring at it because it represented a breach of Laboratory Rule 2 and because annoyance was easier than the other complicated mess of feelings that always rose up at the sight of Eames.

"Er, coffee?" Eames said, eyebrows raised. "I didn't know how you take it because you've never actually let me take you out for coffee so it's black although I'm sure we can rustle up some sucrose around here somewhere..."

That little irritating tick that rose inside Arthur whenever Eames was near was ticking full blast now. "Eames," he said, and was surprised at how calm he sounded. "We do not have food and drink in the lab."

Eames expression shifted into something nearing amusement as he turned toward the door where the rules were posted in a large laminated poster. "Ah, yes. That's what? Rule - "

"Two," Arthur finished. "I see you've already brought it upon yourself to break rule one - appropriate footwear."

Eames looked down to his own feet which were resting in well-worn Birkenstocks and then back up to Arthur. "Arthur, look. I'm not even staying. I just came to bring you coffee, because I thought you might be needing one - "

Arthur went to interrupt but Eames went on.

"I know it breaks one of those useless lab rules - " He fluttered his hand toward the list - "but you're the most meticulous person I know. I wouldn't have given it to a bloody freshman."

At the thought of Eames bringing coffee for others, something ugly rose in Arthur's chest that distracted him from replying about how the rules were meant for everyone, not just the freshmen.

"Now, I'm on my way to grade all those bloody lab reports from last week. Good luck here," Eames said and Arthur couldn't even really bring it in himself to be angry at Eames for the coffee. He was still confused by the feeling in his chest that was approaching something like jealousy.

"You know," Eames said before he turned to leave, "If you'd let me take you out for coffee, I wouldn't have to resort to dire measures like breaking lab rules." He smiled at Arthur and Arthur had no idea what expression was on his face but it must not have been what Eames wanted to see because his smile faded and he turned and left, closing the door gently behind him.

So there you are. A little DVD commentary-type thing until I post something else.
16th-May-2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
I could gleefully devour any and all snippets in this 'verse. Just so you know.

(And the single pov in the main story was such a good decision; Arthur is this delicious semi-solved mystery all the way through.)
20th-May-2011 01:39 am (UTC)

*flails about* thank you!

(and I'm inclined to agree. It's nice to be as stumped as Eames sometimes but also nice to have the foresight that things are going to work out and to be able to sort of work out Arthur's feelings).
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